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Ghost of Guadalupe

The old Royal Theatre in Guadalupe, California, provided the perfect atmosphere for recording this album. From our vantage point in front of the big screen, we could look out and imagine the diverse audiences that have occupied the seats over the years. Recording on stage gave the project the feel of a live performance. We also tracked vocals upstairs in the isolation booth next to the projection room. It was formerly the “Crying Room” used by mothers with noisy babes in arms. 

Behind the Blue

Charles Duncan produced this CD which has been played by radio hosts from Berkeley to Paris to Alaska. Our best-received album to date. 

Little Light

A studio recording with Thom Mooney, drums, Ed Harris, bass, Mary Ramsey, viola, and Sal Garza, violin. 

Dharma Dreem

A collection of Wendy's Buddhism inspired songs. Produced by Sal Garza.