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Bob and Wendy: News

The Porch Cafe - September 23, 2017

Michelle Torres Grant captured our Sep 22nd show in Santa Margarita. See her beautiful photos and videos here -

Scholarship Awarded - January 27, 2016

JANUARY 8-14, 2017 CALIFORNIA RETREAT NEWS! Bob & Wendy Selected As 2017 Michael Boesen Memorial Scholarship Recipients! The musical couple is an integral part of the San Luis Obispo music scene, both as a duo and as members of the equally critically acclaimed group 'Shadowlands'. Registration Is Open Now!

Foursome - September 8, 2013

We have teamed up with Mark Davis and Karoline for gigs and songwriting. Check out the results here -

New Times article by Glen Starkey - August 22, 2013


The following article was posted on August 21st, 2013, in the New Times - Volume 28, Issue 4

Two husband and wife duos form a great new quartet
Mark Davis and Karoline Hausted join local favorites Bob and Wendy for performance at Steynberg on Aug. 24

A new quartet featuring (left to right) Mark Davis, Karoline Hausted, Wendy Liepman, and Bob Liepman play Aug. 24 at Steynberg Gallery.
Synergy—the Beatles had it. They were better artists as a group than as individuals, John Lennon notwithstanding. What causes it? How does it happen? These are things we can’t really know because synergy is a kind of magic.
I recently witnessed synergy in action. A couple of weeks ago Bob Liepman of Bob and Wendy told me he and his wife had joined forces with another couple, Mark Davis and Karoline Hausted, two newcomers to SLO County, and that they were rehearsing at Bob and Wendy’s house, and would I like to come by. Yes, I would indeed.
First, a little background: Mark and Karoline’s story is sort of amazing. Karoline hails from Denmark, and 11 years ago, Mark traveled there for a songwriters’ retreat, where he met Karoline. They were tasked with collaborating on a song and hence “Fallen Star” was born. After the retreat, they lost touch for eight years, but by coincidence they met again, and this time they were both single. They remembered their song, whose chorus says, “I know I got here by a star in the sky that has fallen. I watch as it burns into nothing. And I’m holding it close, the beautiful way I was haunted. That’s truly all I ever wanted.” Clearly this was a love that was meant to be. Now they’re married, and moved here several months ago from Pasadena.
A mutual friend—Brett Perkins—introduced the two couples last January, and after several hikes and dinners, and over the course of considerable jamming, they started to realize there was something special happening musically between them. And they’re right.
I watch intently from my perch on a chair in Bob and Wendy’s living space, where Karoline’s delicate fingers dance over her keyboard as Mark’s long hair obscures his face as he works his acoustic guitar. Bob is seated with his cello between his legs, and Wendy stands at the microphone as they work through “Witness Me,” a song Karoline and Wendy collaborated on. It’s a delicate, gorgeous song about the interdependency of the artist with the audience, with Wendy singing lead and Karoline and Mark providing backing vocals. Simply stunning.
After the song, Wendy admits she’s in a really fertile period artistically, and lyrics have just been flowing out of her.
The next song they rehearse, “Sunlight Support,” features Mark’s warm voice in an Americana-style song. Karoline plays delicate piano, and Bob adds cello, and let’s face it, there’s something inherently tender and somber about the cello sound, which can at times border on the morose, but in this song Bob’s cello soars and pushes the song toward optimism.
“That’s a melody I wrote 12 years ago,” Mark tells me after the song ends, “but I could never finish the lyrics.”
Enter Karoline and Wendy, who quickly filled out the narrative song: “You’re looking for sunlight support and I’ve been lost in the rain.”
Another song Wendy and Karoline co-wrote is “Shadowlands,” about what happens when creativity goes dormant: “Where did you go when nothing would grow?”
“I had this idea and she started playing this riff,” says Wendy as Karoline demonstrates on the keys. When they perform it, I marvel at how well their voices work together.
After the song, Wendy makes a quip about being asked, “So Wendy, are you a songwriter?”
“No, not today,” she says, expressing the elusive nature of the creative urge, but that’s clearly not the case now. All four of these musicians are on a creative tear.
“I don’t know what it is about these two,” says Wendy, referring to Mark and Karoline, “but they ignited something in me.”
“We feel the same way,” adds Karoline.
This group, which still hasn’t settled on a name, writes literate, evocative, lovely songs, and you can hear them this Saturday, Aug. 24 at 8 p.m. in Steynberg Gallery. They’ll back one another on songs Wendy, Mark, and Karoline have written individually as well as perform the material they collaborated on. Prepare to be amazed by these award-winning songsmiths!

Wendy Songs Night - April 10, 2013

On April 1st, 2013, Wendy was honored at Steve Key's Songwriters at Play with an overflow crowd. A dozen plus local musicians performed Wendy's songs bringing their own insights and interpretations to the lyrics and music. Both New Times and the Tribune had articles about the event. Here is the Tribune article by Sarah Linn. -

New Times article by Kathy Johnston - December 29, 2012

Best-album backstory

One local music highlight of 2012 was the New Times Music Awards, where husband-and-wife duo Bob and Wendy’s recording Your Beautiful Life won the Best Album of the Year. New Times asked singer and songwriter Wendy Liepman to share some stories about the album, which was produced by longtime local musician Jill Knight.

“Recording with Jill was like joining a mutual admiration society. She was so easy to work with, it was as comfortable as playing music in a living room. We went for a simple live sound, with not much extra adornment. (Although I couldn’t have Jill in the next room and not have her singing harmony vocals, could I?)

“Jill also loves Bob’s cello and really captured the sound. Recording at Jill’s was like being in a cabin in the forest, lots of light streaming in the windows and a view of trees. It was really relaxing, and low pressure.

“Jill originally offered to record and produce a few of our songs, but we were all enjoying ourselves so much that we kept playing new songs for her, and she generously offered to keep recording.

“I can tell you something about the inspiration for some of the songs. ‘Your Beautiful Life’ was written after viewing pictures of Katrina and the devastation in Haiti. But I also remember a book called Material World, where people from all over the world had to put all of their possessions in their front yard to be photographed. That made a big impression on me, how we have so much and yet it could be gone in an instant.

“I was looking through Bob’s mom’s photo album and found a picture of her and her young family from the early 1950s. Bob is pushing his sister Joan in a stroller, brother Peter stands by, and Mom looks up, beaming. They are walking on a boardwalk near Gloucester, Mass. I remember Bob telling me the story about how the family used to spend summers there, until a hurricane washed it away. So from that time on, they started going to Maine, a place that really influenced Bob.

“I wrote the songs ‘Maine’ and ‘Song for Myles’ from my perception of Bob’s point of view. Myles was his favorite cousin who also spent summers in Maine and ended up running the Maine Diner. Bob’s mom passed away Sept. 26, so the cover photo of Your Beautiful Life ended up being sort of a tribute to her.

“‘In My Song’ is a love song to Bob (my favorite cello player besides Yo Yo Ma). He has always supported my music, even when I lose faith in myself.”

Best Album award - September 8, 2012

New Times Music Awards presented us with a beautiful Best Album trophy for Your Beautiful Life at the Downtown Brew awards ceremony on September 6th, 2012. Thanks to producer Jill Knight and our supportive musical community.

New Album - February 12, 2012

We have completed recording and mastering Your Beautiful Life. It will be available soon online, at Boo Boo Records in San Luis Obispo, and at our performances. Our long time friends Jill Knight (producer) and Rick Sutton (mastering) thoughtfully and expertly helped to make it happen. Thanks!

A video by Michelle C. Torres-Grant - August 4, 2011

Click here to watch -

Jill Knight - Producer - October 24, 2010

We are recording Wendy's new songs with Jill Knight at the controls. We have been fans of Jill and her music since moving to the central coast and love having a chance to work with her.

New Times by Glen Starkey - April 23, 2009

"Every once in a while, it happens. I’m wandering around somewhere and find myself in a Bob & Wendy show. The last time it happened was at Art After Dark, and every time it happens I’m reminded about how unbelievably good they are and how I, and I think much of SLO County, takes them for granted. The gorgeous acoustic arrangements, often made haunting by Bob’s cello, the yearning, potent sound of Wendy’s voice and her incredibly moving lyrics—this is a world-class act. This Sunday, April 26, Bob & Wendy will be in concert from 1 to 3 p.m. in Coalesce Bookstore’s Garden Chapel, playing songs from their excellent new CD Ghost of Guadalupe. The concert is free, but if you haven’t picked up this CD, bring some extra cash and do it. It’s their best work to date."

last fm - April 19, 2009

A friend set up Bob and Wendy Radio on the website You can set up your own channel with music you love. Here is the link:

Website Enhancement - March 21, 2009

Thanks to a recent upgrade by Host Baby, you will hear Bob and Wendy whenever you visit the website.

Airplay - February 2, 2009

Hale Milgrim played Proving Ground from Ghost of Guadalupe on his very cool radio show on KTYD in Santa Barbara. Might have to listen every Sunday morning, from now on, for the rest of my life. Here is the link:

Ghost of Guadalupe review - January 3, 2009

Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

I’ve been listening to, and enjoying Bob & Wendy’s music for several years now. It seems each release is better than the last (and the first one was damn good).

They have a nice Alt Country/Americana style that I’ve come to love more and more over time. Wendy’s voice is in fine form and matches the music perfectly. It’s got a touch of smoke and so much emotion.

They have a gift for writing intricate and interesting melodies. It’s amazing to me that there are still new songs to be written since there are only 8 notes. So those who can write unique melodies are gods to me.

Another thing I greatly admire is being able to write intelligent lyrics (anyone can write pop-tart songs) and Bob & Wendy are masters here as well. I honestly don’t know why these two aren’t super famous.

Stand outs: Trace of Longing , Something Strong, Perfect Pitch but they’re all good.

Ghost of Guadalupe - November 22, 2008

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Airplay - November 11, 2008

Thanks to Robbie Kimbal for playing Leaving Lexington from Ghost of Guadalupe on Pickin Up the Tempo on KCBX. He announced that the CD is available at our website. For our local friends, you can get your copy at Boo Boo Records on Monterey Street in San Luis Obispo. We thank Boo Boo's for supporting local artists.

Ghost of Guadalupe - November 8, 2008

Mark your calendars for Sunday, Dec. 7th at 3pm

Bob and Wendy Ghost of Guadalupe CD release show with opener Butch Boswell

Steynberg Gallery
1531 Monterey Street
San Luis Obispo CA 93401
805 547-0278

$10 show / free CD

Bob and Wendy, with Tim Novoa and Travis Harms, will perform songs from their new CD, Ghost of Guadalupe. With members of Virgil Cane (Butch Boswell, David Radmacher, and Adam Farber), and recorded at the Royal Theatre in Guadalupe, CA, Wendy's songs take on a live performance feel and sound. Other contributors include Jude Johnstone, Tim Novoa, Piper Heisig, Bette Byers and Sal Garza. Barry Goyette created the CD package with his unique photography of the remote town and theatre. Ghost of Guadalupe is currently available at Boo Boo Records.

Lucky Day / Turn Down - August 17, 2008

Well, we have been told that this is our lucky day. More on that later... But yesterday we had to turn down the volume at the Shell Beach Farmer's Market gig. Someone complained and an official truck with a flashing amber light on top appeared and measured our sound level. Next thing we knew, the organizer asked us to face the speakers in a different direction and turn down. We did, but it was a Bob and Wendy first!

Summer Update - May 18, 2008

The new CD (album, download, whatever), Ghost of Guadalupe, will be out this summer. We didn't know we could rock out this hard, but producer David Radmacher did. No one called the Guadalupe cops when we had it turned up to eleven at the old Royal Theatre. Barry Goyette is in charge of the package.

Project Status - February 24, 2008

We are wrapping up work on our new CD. The creative juices are flowing in the art department and plans for release concerts are under way. We miss our visits to Guadalupe to sing and play in the Royal Theatre. We might just have to put on a show there and invite everyone to enjoy the old theatre one more time.

New Website - November 10, 2006

We are building our new site and there are some nice features. In the Music section, the songs can be played on your computer, but not downloaded. You need to click on Buy to link to CD Baby for purchases. Individual songs are available on many popular music sites. Click on the highlighted song titles to read the lyrics while listening. The Calendar has links to venues for directions and other info. If you have Bob and Wendy photos, email them to us and they could end up in the Photo Gallery. Let us know how you like the site and feel free to make suggestions. Thanks to Caitrina Warren and Wyeth Stiles for the great work on our previous site. We had to change to a site that us musician types can maintain without having a computer science degree.

What's New - November 7, 2006

Our new project is under way at the Theatre Royal in Guadalupe, CA. Producer David Radmacher, brings new energy and elements to Wendy's songs.

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